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We believe in keeping it simple and cost-effective!

- No fees of any kind to submit a product for evaluation.
- No fees of any kind for publishing of the induction or listing.
- No fee to link to The Toy Man® Product Guide.

Should a product be inducted, there is an OPTIONAL $125 licensing fee for unlimited use of the Seal of Approval and awards. 

  • Active licensees get an accurate and in-depth evaluation report summary published.
  • Annual licensing renewal is only $25 USD
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Please ship your products being submitted
for evaluation to:

The Toy Man® Product Guide
1511 Lombard Street
Suite #2202
Oxnard, CA 93030-8274

Our product evaluation process is completed by in-house staff, and independent qualified industry professionals to ensure nothing but the very best in accuracy and consistency in the product evaluation results. This includes random public hands-on evaluation, independent evaluator reports, analysis of functionality and psychological response results in addition to multiple other evaluation elements which are exclusive to our product guide.  

Due to this extensive evaluation procedure, evaluation and testing is generally completed within a MAXIMUM of 30 business days following reception of product. This is depending upon complexity and/or type of design of product / service, and number of items under evaluation at the time of your product reception.

* Be sure and include your independent lab testing information for validation if available.

Products submitted to The Toy Man® Product Guide will not be returned unless arrangements have been made prior to the review of the product.
Upon completion of evaluation, all products we evaluate are given to people in the target market associated with same product, public schools, and libraries.  This is done to develop additional branding awareness for all product submissions.


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I swear under penalty of perjury that all information submitted on this form is true and accurate. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions specified in the product submission / induction policies for product submission, and the terms and conditions of this website.

PLEASE NOTE: (2) or more products per submission need to be sent to ensure a more fair and balanced evaluation.
This minimum can be waivered upon request.

Product Name:
Product Licensing Renewal: Yes
Priority Requested: Yes
Please specify target date you need confirmation of pass or fail by, and details as to why request should be granted.   

Product Target Age Group:
MSRP of Product: $
Product SKU: Product UPC or ISBN:
Product Primary Use:
Product Primary Sales Type(s):
Indicate Target Buying Group(s):

CE Marked:
UL Approved:
ASTM Compliant:
JPMA Certified:

Company / Organization:
Company Rep Name:  
Public Relations Rep:
PR Rep Phone:
Area Code   Main Number
Address 1:
Address 2:
State / Province:
Zip Code :
Company Type:
Indicate Product Type:
Product Release Year:

Select Three Categories That Best Fit Your Product:
Should your product or onlinme service pass our strict evaluation, we want to make
sure we get it listed so that it is easily found by the readers you are trying to reach.

"; echo ""; echo "Category 1Category 2Category 3"; echo ""; // Product Category 1 echo ""; echo ""; echo ""; // Product Category 2 echo ""; echo ""; echo ""; // Product Category 3 echo ""; echo ""; echo ""; echo ""; echo ""; ?>  
Miscellaneous Information
Primary trade groups you are a member of, product market status, safety warnings,
where manufactured, ecological details, and those kind of boring yet important details.
Company Is Member Of:
Product's Current Market Status:
For Online and/or Retail Sales
CFR Safety Hazards / Warnings:  Manufactured In:     Eco-Friendly: Eco-Conscious:  
Safety Details
CPSIA compliant, independent lab-tested, etc. (if applicable)

* If this product is CPSIA Compliant or has been Independent Lab Tested please submit copy of the lab testing results and CPSIA documentation, (if applicable). This will enable us to confirm/validate the information on those documents for this product. Without documentation, CONFIRMED status button will not be displayed.
CPSIA Compliant: Independent Lab Tested:    Independent Lab Name: - ( Specify Name of Lab )  
Lead In Surface Coatings/Paint:
( 16 CFR 1303/CPSIA 101 ) Lead Content/Substrates:
( Complies with CPSIA 101 ) Souble Heavy Metals:
( Complies with ASTM F963/CPSIA 106 ) Phthalates:
( Complies with CPSIA 108 ) Bisphenol - A  (BPA):
( State Bills Passed and Pending ) Flammability - Solids/Textiles
(Complies with 16 CFR 1500.44/CFR 1610) Flame Retardents:
( State Bills Passed and Pending ) Mechanical / Physical Tests:
( Complies with ASTM F963/CPSIA 106 ) Labeling of Hazardous Art Materials:
(Complies with ASTM-4236/16 CFR 1500.14(b)(8) ) Age Grading:
(Labeled, Appropriate, Labeled/Appropriate, Not Applicable) i WatchDog™ Approved:
(Complies with ICCS Certification Standards)  
The final information needed...
You're almost done!
Your URL:
Email Address:
Tell us about your product...

A detailed description helps us in the creation of the final summary for our review if the product / service is approved for induction.


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