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Article:   Are You A Gladiator? Article Date:   06/01/2009
by:  Rev. James G.W. Fisher | The Toy Man™ - Product Evaluation Specialist
Category:  Articles

Are You A Gladiator?
Things are becoming quite challenging both in business and in life in general these days. Yes, this is old news, however, this brings a number of questions into consideration. One of the most important of these is Are You A Gladiator? In the space to follow you will learn about the Gladiators of ancient times and how their lifestyle plays into our own today.
Challenges Encourage Growth

Challenges can come in many forms yet rest assured, there is no way to avoid them, however they can be seen from more than one perspective. For one person a challenge can be seen as a tool or element to encourage growth. To another person, a challenge can be seen as their demise of their dreams. Challenges are an interesting creature so to speak, they are simple and easy to work with when you really get down to the facts.

An excellent example of this is as follows; A multi-billionaire walks up to a man who is homeless and living on the street. He tells him that he is willing to give the man 1 billion dollars upon one condition, he must somehow obtain the money through honest means to go cleanup, buy a new suit to replace his worn and dirty clothes, and return to the man the next day at the same time. The homeless man agrees to the terms and walks away.

The next day the multi-billionaire returns to the same spot at the same time and here is the homeless man, all cleaned up and looking great in an impressive new suit and shoes! For the multi-billionaire he was overwhelmed with surprise and couldn't resist asking the homeless man how he possibly managed to meet his demands. The homeless man explained in detail each step he had taken to fulfill the demands of the multi-billionaire who at this point was quite impressed. The multi-billionaire hands the briefcase he is carrying which contains the money which was promised to the homeless man and congratulates him on his achievement. The homeless man is overjoyed yet before the multi-billionaire could walk away, he inquires if he might ask one question of the multi-billionaire. The multi-billionaire agrees to answer any question he may have.

He looks into the eyes of the multi-billionaire and asks him why he had him go through what he had to do to obtain the money. The multi-billionaire smiled and promptly replied that if he had simply given him the money, it would probably be wasted and have no real value to the man. By having him perform what was asked of him, he had learned the importance of responsibility, being accountable, and proving he was serious in seeking improvement in his lifestyle, well deserving of a helping hand. The challenge of the condition in the deal had paid off so greatly for being willing to face it head on despite the odds against his doing so.

The example you have just read is such an excellent way to communicate how facing a challenge encourages growth. Not just financially, but mentally and socially as well. Overcoming a challenge is a matter of decision. You are either fully committed to your goals despite any challenges that may come your way or you are not.

The Challenges Of A Roman Gladiator

Here we are with today's economy, many of us so concerned what an impact the economy is having upon our business, personal life, or both. What is almost humorous is how we see the challenges we face as being so difficult yet just imagine the challenges of the ancient Roman gladiators and compare them to our challenges we face today. Perhaps we may gain some valuable insight from this comparison!

Roman gladiators were not just condemned criminals, prisoners of war, or slaves bought for the purpose of gladiatorial combat. As a matter of fact, free men could volunteer to participate and train to become a gladiator but it would require a 3-5 year challenge, most gladiators never making to the end of their term, whether slave or freeman.

A key point to consider is that these men didn't just train every day for the games, they were forced to jump in wholeheartedly with nothing on their minds but to improve and win with every confrontation/challenge. Even with 3 meals a day, their minds remained steadfast to their studies and striving for perfection. They either worked with everything they had within themselves or they would end up as lion meat in the arena.

For a Roman gladiator, there was no room at any time to slack off or lose focus upon what they set forth to do from the start. There was no room for mercy, it was kill or be killed.

Are You A Gladiator?

Are you a gladiator? Are you willing to go against the odds and fight to the very finish? In an online magazine I was reading yesterday evening, I happened across an independent survey. The survey stated that an estimated "47% of all home and small business companies which were in business when the economy crashed are now closed, or on the verge of closure."

For many of the remaining companies and new ones springing up daily, the expenditure ratio weighed against the profits cleared each month are generally having the expenditures overwhelming the profit margins. How do we all possibly remain in business in such an ever-shifting economical environment which is not too in favor of the small business owner? The answer is quite simple...become a gladiator!

Although we are not in the times of Julius Caesar and the Roman gladiators, we are in fact in a time of challenges of all sorts to remain in business. The key to overcoming the challenges before us is within your own mindset. You must determine if you have the strength and faith in your labors to see it through, even if it means having to move the business to your home. Our challenges are far less of a threat to our lives than those which the Roman gladiators had to face. We can fight our hardest, (within logical reason), to keep realize our dreams or we can simply give up and face our reward of failure.

It is also important to use wisdom on occasion. There is always the possibility that now is not the time to launch your effort to realize your dreams. You should carefully evaluate when to introduce or re-introduce your efforts to ensure maximum return on your efforts.

Never Give Up Despite The Odds

The old notation, "Talk is cheap" is one which I am sure many of our readers may be thinking, exercising the idea that I may already be set and don't have to face the challenges like others may have to. You can rest assured that could not be any further from being accurate.

I was recently released from the hospital after spending 5 weeks as an inpatient for two serious surgeries. When I went into the hospital I was able to walk, when I was discharged I was diagnosed as being paraplegic. In other words, am now in a wheel chair the rest of my life unless God chooses to intervene.

That 5 weeks cost me dearly with my business alone, yet just imagine having to make the transition of going from walking to no longer having that capability. Is that enough of a challenge? Despite how others may see my challenge which has come my way, I see it as a blessing. It has taught me to appreciate the two limbs I still have which are fully functional and motivated me to become a gladiator myself. I have to face the challenge of going up ramps, trying reach items which in the past would have been a simple task yet now are a challenge.

I am blessed to push my labors to support my fellow staff to the very limits and bring our business through this without the slightest hesitation. I am a gladiator and say BRING IT ON! I will survive and grow even stronger with every new challenge brought before me on a personal and /or business level. I hope this message will inspire others to regain their momentum and faith in themselves and their business despite what the pocketbook may dictate. I wish you all the best in your own fight as a gladiator!

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