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Article:   Learn About Our Product Submission Process Article Date:   03/09/2007
by:  Rev. James G.W. Fisher - The Toy Man™

Learn About Our Product Submission Process
The Toy Man™ Product Guide has evolved to a whole new level of serving our readers. The most important part of this service is our product reviews. The products which make it through our evaluation and are inducted into The Toy Man™ - Product Guide, have earned their place without question. You can rest assured that they each have special uniqueness and value that will assure good placement and marketing value for sales. We strongly encourage you to look at the summary of our evaluation guidelines and philosophy page to gain a greater understanding of our evaluation process.
The Foundation of The Toy Man™ Product Guide

A single standard of the greatest quality in our labors should prevail for all;
In that supreme test of work, ethics of high moral standards are the true measure of our business success
and the fruitful productivity for those we serve.

The Toy Man Product Guide has been established since 1971, undergoing constant evolution over the years to maintain the quality and consistency that the industry has grown to expect. Our product evaluation process provides an exclusive, credible, and unbiased method of identifying and giving recognition to products in the marketplace which have what it takes to meet the high standards to receive The Toy Man Seal of Approval.

The Toy Man Product Guide, (a service of the International Parenting institute ), was created to provide a level playing field for all companies, whether large or small in regard to fair and unbiased evaluation of products. Affixing fees to perform an evaluation of a product unquestionably impacts start-up companies and small businesses in general. Our Product Evaluation System, (PES), is not an awards system! The Toy Man Product Guide requires no fees of any kind to evaluate a product.

We strive to encourage other companies/organizations to uphold the exercise of a credible and objective method of identifying products submitted for evaluation against strict and high standards consistent with the industry they are applicable to, and recognition of these products in multiple venues available for use.

To ensure we uphold a credible and objective method of product evaluation, we publish lengthy and in-depth product evaluation summaries of the products which have met our high standards and been inducted. This provides a means for industry professionals to compare the information contained within our summaries to see if it is consistent with actual public knowledge of the product which is featured, and not just a mimic of information from a press release.

* We use malls, schools, airports, and other public locations for hands-on evaluation of products. Participants sign up to participate in the product evaluation and fill out an evaluation form which is submitted upon completion.
* We do NOT publish reviews on any product which we feel can be seen as offensive, of bad visual or audible influence with children, or not acceptable according to CSI / International Parenting institute ChildSafe standards.
* We do NOT test prototype products with children.
* We do NOT return products which are submitted. Products are donated to hospital children's wards, schools, special needs children, charities for disadvantaged children.

To see our complete philosophy of our operation and services we provide, please review our philosophy page.


In my own personal look at what The Toy Man™ Product Guide is all about for our readers, I wanted to share some important facts to all readers, toy & gaming companies, and commercial buyers that you should be made aware of...

- We do NOT charge any fees in any way, shape, or form for reviewing products or in publishing the reviews.

- The reviews for the products which are inducted, are published along with The Toy Man Seal of Approval and any award(s)for which the products are a recipient. The publication of the review is done 24 hours BEFORE the product manufacturer is notified of the product's induction.

- An OPTIONAL fee of $95 is charged if a company desires to use The Toy Man™ Seal of Approval and/or awards in any manner outside of it's publishing in The Toy Man™ Product Guide.

- No company is turned away from submitting any product for evaluation, including books. It is important to understand though, that only the products which pass our evaluation process will be inducted into The Toy Man™ Product Guide. Those that do NOT pass are returned to the company submitting it, with a full breakdown on why their product failed and what modifications need to be implemented to pass our evaluation.

- * Adult content and what is considered "offensive" content by The Toy Man™ standards is not acceptable for submission for evaluation.

- There is no limit to the number of products which can be submitted at any one given time, but the period for evaluation of the product is obviously impacted by the volume of products being reviewed.

- Our product evaluation is not limited to toys and games only. All products associated with children and family such as baby carriages, furniture, and accessories are acceptable for review and possible induction.

- Product evaluation and reviews are generally completed within a MINIMUM of 30 business days from reception of product. Review evaluation time varies based upon volume of products currently submitted for review and complexity of product design.

- As part of our evaluation process, we take the evaluation beyond a specific outside test group of teachers, parents, or children. It is our position that the best way to get a complete evaluation is to take the products to those who buy them and/or use them! What a more valuable input than taking the products to gaming cons, theaters, parks, boys & girls clubs, schools, libraries, and other public locations where people can see and experience these products in a hands-on experience! Best of all, this is done on a completely random basis to ensure minimal risk of bias. This is but a single point of many that enables The Toy Man™ Product Guide to provide a unique standard/alternative to other evaluation venues.

- Our current evaluation process consists of two products being submitted for our evaluation. The results of evaluation from both offices are combined and compiled to establish an overall average on a 1-5 scale. If a product average is "3" or higher it is eligible for induction.

The Toy Man™ Seal of Approval & Awards*

Products which are inducted all receive The Toy Man™ Seal of Approval, but we have awards which can be received as well. We have a variety of awards we give out each year. The section below will define "The Toy Man™ Seal of Approval as well as each award and how a company becomes the recipient of one.

The Toy Man™ Seal of Approval
"The Toy Man™ Seal of Approval" serves as an emblem of professional recognition for having met the high standards of The Toy Man™ Product Guide for quality, safety, value, and product integrity. In essence, only the products submitted for our evaluation which have what it takes to meet our high standards are approved for induction!

It is important to realize that this emblem was established in 1971 by the INTERNATIONAL PARENTING institute™ (IPi™), for exclusive use by The Toy Man™ Product Guide in its product evaluation process. It is modeled after the "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval™", an emblem of recognition for products which meet the globally recognized high standards set forth by the Good Housekeeping Institute™.

The Toy Man™ Awards
The Toy Man™ Award of Excellence - When  it comes to quality, products and services which rise to the top in quality in design, safety, and value, recognition is well deserved.  The recipients of The Toy Man™ Award of Excellence are those who managed to get a ranking of 5 in our 1-5 overall rating scale.
The Toy Man™ Award of Excellence - The products and services which become recipients of The Toy Man™ "Award of Excellence”, are those which rise to the very top in their evaluation. These products/services not only passed our strict and constantly evolving evaluation guidelines, their evaluation earned an overall category rating of “5”, the highest level of rating available on a 1-5 scale basis.
The Toy Man™ Editors Choice Award ( a.k.a. eChoice™ Award ) - This is the award that serves as an emblem of recognition for products / services which contribute substantially to positive skill growth and productivity.
"The Toy Man™ Editors Choice Award" ( a.k.a. eChoice™ Award ) - This is more than just an award, this is the "brass ring" so to speak; the award that serves as an emblem of recognition for products / services which contribute substantially to positive skill growth and productivity. This productivity is measured in the value of potential cognitive/critical skill growth and/or overall level of improvement in an individual or group from the use of a product or service.

PLEASE NOTE: If a review is for 2008 or later, the award image displayed is the new 2008 version of the eChoice Award. The former version of the eChoice Award has been retired but is still valid.
This is The Toy Man™ Quarterly Top Ten Award.  As a new feature for The Toy Man™ Product Guide, we began a quarterly survey which is submitted to opt-in participants to vote on what they feel are the top ten juvenile for each particular quarter.
This is The Toy Man™ Product Guide "Quarterly Top Ten Award". As a new feature for The Toy Man™ Product Guide which was first introduced in 2007, we have now begun a quarterly survey which is submitted to our opt-in readers to vote on what they feel are the top ten toys, games, books, and juvenile products for that particular quarter. The participants consist of parents, commercial buyers, teachers, and other business professionals in multiple industries.

The image displayed is for the first quarter of the year. Each successive quarter has an award specific to that particular quater.

* Licensing terms and conditions apply to usage of The Toy Man™ Seal of Approval and awards.

Shipping and Delivery

The Toy Man™ upholds a policy of no acceptance of COD or postage due packages. If your package is considered to be over-sized or overweight by the US Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, DHL, or Airborne Express, you will need to contact our office to specify how the products or toys will be submitted.

Please ship your products to the following offices for review upon completion of the Product Submission Form. All products with their corresponding applications, press kits, etc. should be included.

( Evaluation and analysis generally is completed within a MINIMUM of 30 business days following reception of product. )

Our shipping addresses are:

ChildSafe International Corp. ( Main Office ) Att: The Toy Man™
3001 Lake Eaqst Drive, Suite #B1011
Las Vegas, NV 891117-2205

New Additional Options Available Soon!

The Toy Man™ Product Guide is rapidly expanding it's service offerings and additional new services will soon be available. This will include a membership opportunity that will provide multiple benefits which will include;

- VIP Registration for The Toy Man™ Press Social Events.

- VIP Passes to International Parenting Institute™ conferences or events.

- Company Profile (100 word profile), Link from your company logo on The Toy Man™ web site to your company's web site.

- Company name on conference and event signage, registration materials, conference, and program promo materials.

- Use of "Proud Sponsor of The Toy Man™ Product Guide" in your marketing materials & web site.

- Priority consideration for keynotes, workshops and panelist participation at International Parenting Institute™ conferences and events.

- Unlimited White Paper submissions for publishing in The Toy Man™ Product Guide White Paper Repository.

- This is just the beginning...

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